A Dependable Same-Day Delivery Partnership Keeps Business On Schedule

Nonstop Couriers’ Reliable Delivery “Saves the Day” for Goodman

Goodman Air Conditioning and Heating is an HVAC company based in Texas with distributors across the country. Goodman partnered with Nonstop Couriers in 2015 to meet the demand of delivering HVAC equipment for eight branches in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Nonstop Couriers has become an important extension of Goodman’s fleet and at one time was their entire delivery force.

Integrating Full-Time Drivers into Internal Operations

Over these years of partnership, the Nonstop drivers have fully immersed themselves with the team and processes at Goodman. Now, Goodman has the confidence to both rely on Nonstop drivers to fill the gaps in their internal fleet or serve as their only courier service. Nonstop drivers have become so familiar with Goodman’s processes and internal number and naming systems, that the delivery process continues to become more efficient and reliable, even when last minute needs arise.

“Nonstop is fast, efficient, and professional.” – Charles Caldwell, Goodman Branch Manager

Not only does this help speed up the pickups and drop offs, but it also helps the Goodman team catch issues before they arise. Nonstop drivers are able to identify which parts they’re delivering and make sure they’re bringing the right equipment to the right place. If a mistake is caught, Nonstop is ready to make it right with an extra trip.

Delivering Professional Reliability Like Clockwork

When it came to finding the right long term courier partner for Goodman, they needed someone who was fast, reliable, and able to adapt to their last-minute deliveries that often fall early in the morning. Nonstop Couriers’ 24/7, same day delivery services were a perfect fit for Goodman from the start with drivers that are “reliable like clockwork.”

Goodman relies on Nonstop couriers for a variety of last minute and rush shipments that have often “saved the day.” Like many businesses today, Goodman has experienced a shortage in drivers, but continues to provide on-time deliveries to job-sites by supplementing their own private fleet with Nonstop Couriers’ professional employee drivers.

“I wish I could steal [their drivers].” – Charles Caldwell

Most other courier companies operate using subcontracted workers with limited reliability and vehicles. When Nonstop Couriers are handling a delivery, Charles can rest assured that their employee drivers will be in branded Nonstop uniforms and trucks, giving Goodman’s customers a sense of safety and security.

Nonstop Couriers provides Goodman and all their clients with reliability you can expect from a courier partner. Are you ready to upgrade your courier service?